Purchase Terms and Conditions

  • 1)   Material must be manufactured and supplied to the latest issue of the specification.
  • 2)   Material test reports and a manufacturers certificate of conformity are required with the material. Failure to supply certificates with deliveries may delay payment or may not be off loaded.
  • 3)   To be released in accordance with your AMS approval
  • 4)   Aerospace material to be identified in accordance with the specification(s) ordered and be traceable to the mill certificate. 
  • 5)   All records in the supply chain pertaining to this order shall be retained in accordance with the relevant specification stated on the purchase order
  • 6)   Material supplied should contain no 'conflict materials'(as defined by section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act 2010) that are mined or smelted in the Democratic Republic of Congo or surrounding countries. Confirmation of this to appear on supplier certificate of conformity.
  • 7)   If material supplied against this purchase order is ITAR controlled, All Metal Services must be informed 
  • 8)   The supplier must notify AMS of nonconforming product and obtain AMS approval as to the disposition of such material. The supplier should also notify the organisation of changes in product and/or process, changes of manufacturing facility location and where required obtain organisation approval.
  • 9)   All aluminium and steel products except black bar and corrosion resisting steels must be supplied rust or corrosion free and protected before despatch with an effective coating of corrosion preventative and suitably packed to avoid damage in transit.
  • 10)  Suppliers must have robust business continuity plans in place in order to maintain the delivery of products & services to All Metal Services Ltd at an agreed level following a disruptive incident. 
  • 11)  Suppliers are responsible for adhering to the requirements of the purchase order to fully mitigate any potential risk to product safety. 
  • 12)  Suppliers must have systems & procedures in place to ensure the highest standards of behavior & ethics when dealing with any order from All Metal Services Ltd
  • 13)  Suppliers must have systems in place to prevent the shipping of counterfeit or unapproved material or parts to All Metal Services Ltd
  • 14)  Rights of access to all facilities and applicable records shall be afforded to representatives of All Metal Services limited, subsequent customers or regulatory authorities.

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